Thank you so much for all your time and effort. It wasn't easy & I know I wasn't the perfect student but you never gave up on me and always took the extra time to schedule me in. I'm so happy we got it done.  I learned so much from you & I feel really lucky that I got you as a trainer! You're professionalism and exciting energy is truly inspirational ( not to mention your awesome fashion sense) . You were the one who really made this course so beneficial for me. I can only hope to be as good of a leader as you one day. I just wanted you to know that I am loving my SuperYacht stewardess Course & I feel substantially more prepared for the industry with my diploma & skill set I learned from you! Thanks again for everything Tania! I'll keep you posted. I can't wait to get on a yacht!

Erika Flaig

I Love every reason why I was at E.I.M Training, I have learned a lot with Louise, the best patient Trainer I've ever known and I have also made new friends that are all friendly, funny and is easy to get along with. Thanks to Louise I got my skills for business Administration. The facility and the service provided at E.I.M Training makes you feel comfortable, I was surrounded by positive people and received excellent and friendly service! The Trainer was awesome and helped me when ever needed.

Pauline Savo


My supportive trainer and the two lovely beautiful receptionist ladies have all encouraged and pushed me to succeed to the best of my abilities that I never thought I had. This allowed me to learn and gain more skills and experience than I expected, and for that I’m proud and pleased. Thank You so much EIM training.

Kathleen Passi


"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your guidance and encouragement as my trainer and assessor while doing Cert IV Training and Assessment with EIM.

I was hesitant to begin studying as I had not done so for many years.

At first I found it difficult and challenging, finding it hard to get my mind around the different concepts, but, through persistence, I gradually became used to both studying and what was expected of me. I also discovered that studying was nowhere near as frightening as I thought it would be.

Converting me from Online to Distance study was a big step forward. Having all the course material in front of me, along with emails outlining different aspects, followed up by phone calls made the whole process so much easier.

The step by step process you led me through simplified everything, knowing that one thing led onto the next instead of being confronted with the entire task all at once, or not knowing how my current task fitted into the big picture.

The last time I studied formally was when I completed year 12. Although I had the desire to continue with further studies, I never had the confidence. This Cert IV gave me the confidence to continue with studies both online and face to face. After completing this, I went straight into Cert IV Community Services in a classroom setting. I am finding it extremely easy as you guided me to research and self learning through EIM. I have even had 2 weeks off with influenza, but am still keeping up due to having the skills of self learning.

I would like to encourage anyone who has self doubt, or fears about learning to just go ahead and do it. The benefits of self confidence, knowing that you can choose a career path and get there through study, are well worth overcoming that initial stage of fear and doubt.

I now have unlimited possibilities ahead of me, and all it took was taking the first step.

Thank you Errol, for your support, and helping me to get there."

- M Forster


"Seapen is a small local manufacturing company specialising in producing a ‘pen’ designed to keep a boat in a dry dock without having to take the boat out of the water. The manufacturing area is very labour intensive and the company is growing each year. Seapen are now in a situation where savings within the company are of great importance.  The owner of the company sought to up-skill the employees by enrolling them in a Competitive Manufacturing course with EIM Training.

A few sessions into the course the students (our employees) realised that there were 15% cost savings to be made by eliminating the travelling time between production operations. A new floor plan was drawn up and implemented without any cost to the company.

Due to the size of the business and the current profitability, at this time the company did not allow for a large outlay of funds. The students then decided to put in a system introducing a trolley to convey the work through the production line and into the despatching area saving a lot of double handling of the product. The saving on freight was substantial. We were able to pack the components and accessories better because of the trolley and have it better contained as one pack.

This saved Seapen $600.00 per ‘pen’. The cost for 2 trolleys was approximately $3000.00, therefore providing an annual saving of $70,000.

Having the Employees do the Competitive Manufacturing course with EIM Training has helped them realise the company’s potential as well as their own potential. This enables them to identify problems and then take the necessary steps to rectify them whilst keep the company running efficiently."

- M Barber, Managing Director, Sea Pen Pty Ltd


"I wanted to record my gratitude for making the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment available.

Firstly, I enjoyed the location and facilities EIM provides, finding the training environment a warm and friendly learning place with good facilities and friendly, helpful EIM staff.

Secondly, I would like to acknowledge my trainer and considered it a priviledge to have worked with him. His insights, people skills and incredibly broad wisdom and knowledge on the subject of Training was to me a priceless bonus in the process of my obtaining my new qualification."

- R Haywood


"I would like to thank my trainer at EIM Training who has guided me through the training program for the last 6 months. She gave me the motivation to continue my studies and was always a reliable contact for all my enquiries. In order to achievemy goals it was very important for me as a student to build up and cultivate the relationship with my trainer, who was very inspiring and I was very happy to have had the chance to work with her."

- U Scheller


"We have had some great outcomes through enrolling our clients into your Certificate II in Business. We have sent around 15 clients through the course with an 85% success rate of placing these clients into employment.

The feedback from clients that have attended the course believe that it was very beneficial in assisting them to find employment in their chosen fields. They also complimented you on the professional approach that your organisation demonstrated throughout the duration of the course.

Thank you for the excellent services you have provided us over the last 12 months."

- C Pryor, Acting Services Manager of Misson Australia, Nerang


"Prior to training at EIM Training I was losing faith in human nature and the ability to provide even an adequate level of customer service. Whilst undertaking training I was exposed to a group of individuals that went the proverbial extra mile of effort. Support from the Hervey Bay office was phenominal. As a result my faith in human nature has been restored."

- D Cunningham


"The course I took part in was very enjoyable and easy to understand with the assessments structured to compliment the next one. My attitude is now positive that I will gain employment in the near future. Many thanks to all the EIM Team."

- B Varicak


"While undertaking training at EIM I was able to gain an appreciation of the benefits of VET in Australia and how much it is an improvement on systems used overseas. As a result of the training Ican now teach aircraft maintenance in Australia."

- R Golding


"I would like to express my gratitude to the staff and teachers of EIM Training who assisted me with my studies of Certificate III in Retail – correspondence course.

The course was of a great convenience to me, as i have studied at my own pace, and this flexibility allowed me to find work at the same time as a part-time and as a casual sales assisstant.

The knowledge I have gained from my studies have helped me to perform confidently my duties at work, and it has opened greater opportunities for my career."

- H Evans


"As a result of training with EIM Training I have had numerous job opportunities open up for me and gained full time employment in training."

- J Burnham


To whom it may concern,

I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at EIM Training.

My trainers Sue Stone and Louise Osidacz were fantastic confidence builders and motivators. They cheered me on every step of the way even when I was struggling and wanted to quit. There were times during the course of study for the Certificate III in Business Administration where I felt it was too challenging but Sue and Louise were behind me, encouraging me every step of the way, saying I could do it.

These ladies did so much more than their role as trainers. They gave over and above by way of constructive appraisal for me to utilise when applying for and learning new employment opportunities. I felt like I was learning so much more than gaining a valuable accreditation.

Thanks to Sue and Louise, I have completed the course and now just await my official Certificate.

The best news is the very day I completed the course, I attended an interview for a wonderful career in the industry of my choosing, and was given the position the very next day.

Thank you Sue Stone, Louise Osidacz and EIM Training.

Kind regards,
R Wilson

EIM Training is a fantastic way to study. The teachers are fantastic they are patient and willing to help you. Its a great way to start a new career path even if its just for a change I would recommend EIM Training to anyone. Thanks.

M.Peterson (Certificate III Business Administration)

Testimonial logoTo whom it may concern,
We have had three of our educators graduate this year with their Diploma in Children's Services from EIM Training. The course content was excellent and the support they received from their trainer, Kate was great. Kate was always available when needed by the students or myself. The girls are well prepared for their careers in the Childcare industry as a result.
Yours sincerely,
C Jones (Nominated Supervisor)

My name is Letisha Righton and I have been doing my diploma through Tracey for a few months.

Tracey has been an incredibly helpful and is always available to help me when needed.

She is always making sure I am on track with my assessments and always makes me feel welcomed when I go into the training college. I feel very lucky to have Tracey as my trainer and wish I had her as my trainer the whole time, I will very much miss our monthly meetings when I finish my diploma.

As for my diploma I am currently enjoying the units and have learnt a lot in a short amount of time.

L Righton


I am currently completing my Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education under the guidance of Jennifer Haydock.

Jennifer has been supportive in all aspects of my training – within the classroom and whilst completing my vocational hours at the Daycare Centre. I have enjoyed the challenge of my studies, and this has been assisted by the care and concern shown by Jennifer, making the course interesting and relevant to the workplace.

I thank all the staff and other class members at EIM International Cairns for their friendship and support. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to others, particularly with the professional standard offered by Jennifer Haydock, as trainer.

M Walsh

I am very happy to be studying at EIM Training. The classroom is very positive and welcoming environment. I never believed it possible, but studying at EIM has become enjoyable. My trainer Jenny has been amazing help. She goes out of her way to help her students. I can thank her enough for everything she has done for me, but I'll start with 'thank you'. I can only hope to aspire to be as amazing as Jenny is in the future. I love asking Jenny for feedback she always brightens my day.


Melissa has been amazing with all the help she has gave me and I couldn't ask for anyone better.

S Jager

EIM Training has offered me encouragement and support throughout the duration of the course. Heather is approachable, patient and professional.

EIM Training have supported me and helped me find work that works congruently with my studies. Due to EIM Training and their flexibility with study hours I am able to finish my course and get my qualification.

M Saunders, March, 2016


Testimonial of Experience at EIM Training Under the Teaching of Melissa Hropic
This serves as a formal testimonial to the quality of education received from EIM Training, the quality of teaching delivered by Melissa Hropic, the overall quality of service delivered by the institution, and suggestions for an improved experience.
The level of education delivered by EIM Training during my Certificate III training was of high level and quality, it was well planned, but it could not have been successful without the excellent execution and quality of delivery by Melissa Hropic. The overall layout of the units and resources provided made tackling tasks and assessments an exciting challenge, and the classes themselves were informative and encouraged further reading and research beyond the classroom. Melissa Hropic was very helpful encouraging, did not spoon feed but challenged students to think outside the box and chase our goal to become early childhood educators. She gave accurate feedback, followed through by an open-door policy to approach if help was needed. Furthermore, she encouraged me as a future early childhood educator that the sky was the limit and if I wanted to I could reach higher by leaving my footprints in the clouds, and that I had what it took to be just that and much more. She not only teaches or gives people tools to use in a job, she exemplifies and inspires her students to proceed with a purpose (the children), which is a priceless quality that any organisation would be fortunate to possess and learning student would be fortunate to experience. I entered this course hesitant, uncertain and not knowing what to expect or what I wanted to do with my life, I graduated from her classroom determined, confident, and hungry for more. My colleagues would most certainly agree with my sentiments.
My one and only suggestion would be for the course to be offered at the Brisbane location as well. It is certainly worth considering, should it become possible in the future.
In conclusion, the team at EIM training, from orientation, to the assistance and guidance provided to me as an international student by Zoe Rundle-Curry, to reception and the behind-the-scenes people I may not have ever met have made this an excellent experience I would definitely recommend. As an international student, this has been a worth-while investment and I look forward to what the future holds as I continue my studies under the guidance of Kate Rice.
Yours sincerely,
T Mutsau.


I would like to say a huge thanks to the team at EIM Training.

My Trainer Jennifer Haddock is very fantastic, motivator, helpful and cooperative. she is very nice and friendly. There were times during the course of study for the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care where I felt it was too difficult and challenging but Jennifer always help me and encouraging me. Jennifer has been supportive in all aspects of my training.

I really thanks Jennifer and all the staff for their support.

The EIM experience has been an incredible opportunity for learning, personal growth, and has given me the confidence I needed to get out of a work environment that was not aligned with professional standards. What I learned with EIM has prepared me well.

A Kaur

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