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About the Gold Coast

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Stretching along 57 kilometres of stunning coastline, the Gold Coast is best known for its surf, sand and sunshine, bordered by its lush hinterland.

The natural beauty, relaxed lifestyle and ideal location make the Gold Coast one of the most unique cities in world to live and work.

While the Gold Coast remains a favourite tourism destination, attracting 12 million visitors each year, the city's economy is diversifying.

Industries with a strong foothold now include education, sports, film, the arts, health, food production, IT, marine and advanced manufacturing.



The Gold Coast is the most southern city in the eastern state of Queensland. Known as the 'Sunshine State', Queensland is the second largest state in Australia. The Gold Coast is well known for its golden beaches and its World Heritage listed rainforests. Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, is a short one hour drive north.

Gold Coast Weather

The Gold Coast has a comfortable, sub-tropical climate that's ideal for year-round outdoor activities. The Gold Coast averages 245 days of sunshine each year, with an average annual rainfall of about 1400mm, the majority of which falls in the summer period (December – February). Daytime temperatures are generally in the mid 20°C range. The Hinterland is slightly cooler, with maximum winter temperatures around 16°C. In winter, clear skies and dry air mean cool nights.

Winter 6 - 15 8 - 16 7 - 15
Summer 18 - 26 19 - 26 16 - 29
 BrisbanePerthGold Coast
Winter 10 - 21 9 - 18 12 - 21
Summer 21-29 18 - 30 20 - 28


Average cost of living (not including tuition fees)

Per week $446 - $586 $346 - $404 $275 - $440
Per year
(52 weeks)
$23,200 - $30,500 $18,000 - $21,000 $14,300 - $22,880
Source Uni Melbourne Australian Education International Uni of South Australia
 BrisbanePerthGold Coast
Per week $327 - $365 $403 - $456 $350 - $515
Per year
(52 weeks)
$17,000 - $18,980 $20,977 - $23,712 $18,200 - $26,780
Source Qld University of Technology Uni of Western Australia Bond University



Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, with a long history of immigration. The Gold Coast is a good example of this, as it is home to more than 550,000 people from all corners of the world.

People on the Gold Coast are generally cheerful and positive; the city has a very relaxed, easy-going beach culture. Many people on the Gold Coast are on holiday, or work within the tourism industry, giving the city a holiday-like feel. Many of those who visit the Gold Coast choose to make it their permanent home, making the Gold Coast a diverse, multicultural and welcoming city for international students.

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