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Student Support Services

Staff at EIM International Training recognise that the most important person of the organisation is the student. The small dedicated team is readily available to provide students with support in all areas. These include areas such as study, personal related issues, careers advice and general assistance with life in Australia.



It is important to us that students settle in quickly, so in the first week at the institute we will provide students with:

  • An introduction to studying in Australia
  • EIM International Training expectations
  • City safety brief
  • General information about Cairns/Gold Coast
  • An introduction to the team
  • A campus tour
  • A learning needs assessment
  • A one-on-one meeting with the Trainer/Training Manager
  • A Student Handbook
  • A course learning and assessment strategy

During the second week the Student Support Officer will check that students have settled well into their classes so that any problems are addressed quickly so that the student can concentrate on enjoying their time in Cairns/Gold Coast and at the institute.


Student welfare support

Our Student Support Officer is available to discuss a wide range of student concerns including: culture shock, homesickness, personal difficulties and any other issue affecting attendance and academic performance. Students requiring special or intensive assistance may be referred to external support services if required.

The Student Support Officer will also support students through any transport, medical or other lifestyle queries or concerns during their time at the institute. In accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, any issues discussed with our Welfare Officer are confidential and will not be discussed without permission except where it is necessary to protect against serious threat to life or health.


Academic support

Your trainer will give you regular feedback on how you are progressing with your course and will implement an intervention strategy if progress is deemed unsatisfactory. Trainers are also available each week for any additional individual face-to-face learning support you may need. If you would like further support, you can arrange a meeting with the Training Manager. Our Training Manager can provide further advice and support for your studies at EIM International Training and will also help you apply for an IELTS language exam if you need to take one.


Pathways support

In order to offer our students a complete experience our Training Manager is available to answer questions regarding further study, careers and to help in the application process for studies at TAFE or University if required. We are working with local TAFEs and Universities to ensure a smooth path from our courses to further education for our students, without the need to take an additional exam.


Language support

In Australia often students need to pass an IELTS exam for entry into further education providers such as TAFE or University, for work or for visa requirements.

Our best resource, is our trainers who are all very experienced in working with overseas students or domestic students with language or literacy needs. Our staff are always on hand to help in whatever way they can and students can book one-on-one time with their teachers as often as they need to.


24 hour emergency number

A staff member is available by phone 24 hours a day in case of emergency. Your safety is our priority and the team is here to assist you wherever possible. Please note that this number (found in the Student Handbook) is for emergencies only. All other enquiries should be made to the institute during office hours.


Social activities

Cairns and the Gold Coast are world famous for its natural beauty and amazing attractions. Ask Reception for further information.


Health Cover

For student visa holders, it is the students responsibility to arrange their own private health cover. There are several providers who can assist you with this. One option is available here.


Download the Student Needs Analysis Interview Form

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